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The perfect casino evening at home - so that you can bathe in the money right away!

Hello fellow players! Welcome to our article! Since you are already familiar with the title, we are now giving you tips and tricks on how to host the best casino evening at home. And no, we're not talking about sitting in front of the computer and playing in a Rupee casinos (although that's an idea too!). We've put together a list of all the items you need to have the ultimate casino party! We're going to introduce you to some DIY projects, some delicious food recipes, and much more! Trust us, this will help you become the best host in the whole country and we are sure that you and your friends will have a wonderful time. Let's start!

Build Your Own Casino - Easy DIY Projects!

Let's start with the handicrafts. If you didn't already know, DIY stands for “Do It Yourself” - in other words, you make different kinds of items yourself. We'll show you how to build your own poker / blackjack table at a reasonable price. We will introduce you to some decoration ideas to make the casino evening even more “casino fun” (does the word even exist?). Let's see what we can pull out of the hat next!

DIY poker / blackjack / roulette table

You have two options here! One of them is building a casino table from scratch - fully in DIY mode! Remember that you will need a lot of materials, e.g. B. Carpenter's glue, plywood, foam, staples, etc. if you want your table to look like a real casino table. The second option is probably a little simpler (and so is for us lazy people!). You most likely have most of the supplies for this lying around (or standing around) somewhere around your home. You will need a dining table and a volunteer to play the role of the dealer. If you want to do it as precisely as possible, you can take a green tablecloth and either leave it as it is or add the appropriate symbols using marker or tape. Another option is to purchase a pre-made DIY casino set. There are plenty of places you can buy or rent this, and this can save you some money in the long run.

Let's decorate!

To be honest, we love decorating! Whether it's a birthday or Christmas, we love looking for the latest DIY ideas that will make the occasion even more special. We had a lot of fun looking for decoration ideas for a casino evening at home or just for a casino theme party. And here's what we found (thanks, Pinterest and all the bloggers out there!):

Wine / champagne glass tags made from playing cards - you will likely need lots of decks of cards both for playing and decorating. This is a simple and very noble type of decoration that your friends will surely like.

  • All you have to do is punch a hole in a card, cut it out a bit to fit the glass, and write the guest's name on it. Finished!
  • Card garlands - you'll need ribbons, tape, and playing cards.
  • Simply tape the cards to a ribbon and hang the garland anywhere you want.
  • Horizontal, vertical, hanging from the door, lying on the sofa, decide for yourself!
  • Fancy utensil rings - get yourself some red / white / black napkins, a ribbon, playing cards and a bat.
  • Punch a hole in a card or two, wrap the utensils in the napkin, and tie everything together with a ribbon. Classy and in casino style!

Most of these DIY items are made up of cards. However, you can also use cardboard, tissue paper, or whatever as crafting materials and just add casino-themed elements. Below we show you some photos and tutorials to try out. We encourage you to meet up with your friends and prepare everything together - it will be more fun and a helping hand is always welcome!

There is no party without drinks and snacks!

Everything is ready, you have the decorations, the table is set and the necessary equipment together, now it's time to think about the most important point of the evening - the food and the drinks (these are two elements ... we are not good at math! )! You can't go wrong - pizza, burgers, fries, lemonade, wine, champagne, chocolate for the ladies (and the gentlemen, we know they like chocolate too). However, if you want to keep it stylish, here are some suggestions we found on the good ol 'internet!

Casino Muffin Tower

Everyone loves muffins and they are super easy to make. Eggs, flour, butter, baking powder ... or you can just use a baking mix and put everything in muffin tins. Then just prepare the icing, buy a couple of cookie cutters in the shape of hearts, spades, etc. and you can start decorating!

What should I wear?

Okay, you've got everything ready for the perfect casino night. Well done! But haven't you forgotten something? We'll give you a little hint: You don't want people to show up in their pajamas, do you? Since this is a casino themed party, a dress code is ideal to make the party even more fun! There are some specific rules that players should follow when entering a casino regarding clothing. We recommend that you conduct your research based on the dress code of a casino you would be playing at and use that as a guide to what your guests will outfit for the casino night. Modern casino fashion is definitely another way to spice up the party - it can be a “bond” party or just a social evening with friends in comfortable clothes.

That would be done!

We know we could add a lot more ideas and recipes, but we will definitely be doing another blog post. It could be "The Perfect Casino Night at Home 2 - The Afterparty!" how do you like that Stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to check out our other home casino posts. We believe you will like them! Thank you for reading our post. We hope you find inspiration and celebrate the best casino night ever! We'd love to have you share photos of it with us! We'd also love if you let us know in the comments below what your perfect casino night would look like! But remember to always play and drink responsibly and party wildly (well, don't overdo it)!