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How to Install GB Whatsapp on Android?

What exactly is GB Whatsapp and how to install it on Android? Is it dangerous to use GB Whatsapp for your Android device? What are the advantages of GB Whatsapp for Android phones? If you have these questions in mind, this article is perfect for you.

It has been established that GB Whatsapp gives an edge to its users who have got an efficient and reliable messaging app installed on their devices. The innovative GB Whatsapp messenger app offers a unique feature to make messaging very easy for users. With this unique feature, you can easily send text, file, image, or video messages from your mobile device to another user. There are many other features present in this amazing app that makes messaging so easy and convenient for users.

How to Install GB Whatsapp on Android? 

It is highly recommended to download GB Whatsapp directly from the given link. After installation, it should be plugged in and selected on your Google mobile's home screen. For further enhancement, you can hide some options from the main settings. The following are few privacy options available in GB Whatsapp:

  1. Hide Last Seen: The hide option in the GB Whatsapp app allows you to turn off the "show all chat windows" option. You can see all the chat messages from any contact even if they are not visible to you. This option will help you to manage your privacy according to your needs. You can see your messages without having to see all the others.
  2. Hide Chat Auto reply: You can also use GB Whatsapp to hide the GB Whatsapp app while you are typing a message. You can simply long-press on any message and click on the "show all chat windows" option. This will hide all the messages from all the other people who you have marked as "friends." Moreover, you don't have to worry about reading the contents of the message because they are already private.
  3. Show All Contacts: You can also use GB Whatsapp to hide all your contacts from the main interface. There is a filter option in your settings to show all your contacts. Just click on the plus sign symbol next to the search box and it will automatically hide the items you selected. If you are interested in reading the contents of other messages, you can go to the compose feature next to the "mail" icon to reveal all the items selected by you.
  4. Show Last Seen Status: You can also use this mod to show the last seen status for any of the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google , etc. Just go to "Settings" and enable this option. You will see a list of all your social networking accounts and you will be able to see the online status for each of them. If you want to see the online status for the most recently seen messages, just click on the plus sign symbol next to the "mails" icon. Finally, you can select the "show all online status messages" option from the pop-up menu.


These are some of the most popular modifications you can do to the Google Goggles for Android mobile phones. You can find many other useful step-by-step guides on the Google play store. Happy chatting.