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Departamento en Renta Paseo De La Reforma 222, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc - 14000 MXN

Buy a resume and a guarantee of results

Order a resume and a guarantee of results

When do people come to me?

You can't find a job for a long time.

You are looking for development and a raise in your position/salary.

You want to change the field of activity, tired at your current job.

You want to prove yourself worthy in an interview, not only with HR, but also with your immediate supervisor.

Here you can buy a resume.

Why me?

I work to results, our communication ends when you find a job.

Over 1,200 of my clients found jobs with the help of my resumes and recommendations.

Experience in preparing resumes in any field, including resumes of top managers, business owners, creative and technical professionals, civil servants, IT professionals and professionals with no experience.

I help highlight achievements and work results useful to employers. They have them all.

16 years in recruitment, including 10 years as director of human resources.

I work to the result!

Provided that more than 50% of rejections on the responses, tell me and I will analyze the reasons for refusal for free and orienteering what you need to do in order to get an invitation to an interview!

You need to write me statistics on the number of responses, refusals, invitations for 14 days.

Free: corrections, additions.

Needed for Order:

What you will need and a work plan:

  1. An open link with your version of your resume or my completed template.
  2. Express interview. Determine goals and objectives.
  3. Up to 2 hours of your time to answer clarifying questions.
  4. Preparation of resume.
  5. Parsing key points, answering your resume questions.
  6. Ready resume in Russian with an understanding of what to focus on in an interview.
  7. Closing the deal