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Top online provider EuroJackpot 2022

Every Friday, the chance to win tens of millions - the EuroJackpot is one of the most popular lotteries, and rightly so. But not everyone knows that those who play online enjoy special advantages. I have tested the best and most popular EuroJackpot online lotteries. In the Eurojackpot review you can find out who won the test and what prizes are waiting for you.

In practice, one thing in particular has proven true: Security, user-friendliness and easy payment form a successful overall package. Moreover, online jackpot entry points offer various advantages. In my list, you can find out not only about the overall rating, but also about what individual providers do particularly well.

Evaluating the individual offers is a difficult task. Above all, the high requirements for data protection and security require a thorough review process. In the following section, I will show you what I paid particular attention to in my experience.

Criteria for the review of Eurojackpot's online lottery sites

In my test, I acted on a set of established test criteria. These features should offer one thing above all: a comprehensive experience of success - from check-in to tips to payment. Below you will find a list of the most important quality criteria:

  • Ease of bidding;
  • A function for quick tips;
  • A high level of security;
  • Ease of use;
  • Fast payouts;
  • Drawing Information;
  • Stunning EuroJackpot app;
  • Better customer support.

The above points led to my final rating. Of course, every online lottery provider has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, you can be sure that my test winners qualified on a high basic level for all test criteria.

Play EuroJackpot online - overview of prizes and classes

Eurojackpot - often known as Eurolotto - is a European lottery involving 18 countries. The draw takes place on Fridays in Helsinki, Finland. There, the Eurojackpot online draw is broadcast on television. In this country, the winning numbers and odds are announced online. There is one main reason for the popularity of this lottery: each draw guarantees a jackpot of at least 10 million euros in the highest prize category.

The online jackpot is divided into 12 winning categories. They consist of a maximum of 5 numbers and 2 Euro numbers. In total, 50% of all stakes in the participating countries are paid out for the draw. This makes the European Jackpot one of the lotteries with the highest payout rates. Since its launch, the European Jackpot has been hit 6 times with a maximum amount of €90,000,000. The winning amounts far surpass even online slot machines with jackpots.

Top provider EuroJackpot Online:

  • Lottoland - Best online EuroJackpot winner;
  • Tipp24 - Fastest EuroJackpot payout;
  • The Lotter - Best customer service;
  • Lottohelden - Best EuroJackpot app.

How it works: Place your EuroJackpot bets online

Good online betting providers make placing bets particularly easy. Immediately after registering, you select EuroJackpot and determine the number of fields. Each field costs extra - basically, it's €2. Then you have to pay 5 out of 50 and select 2 out of 10 euro numbers.

Once you have entered the numbers, you can submit your ticket. Unlike local betting shops, you can also submit your tip online at the last moment before the deadline. Another advantage of online betting is that winnings and winners are determined automatically. You don't need to carry a lottery ticket with you and you don't need to go to a retail outlet to claim your winnings at EuroJackPot.

The advantages of Quick Hints and other features

Those who print online can look forward to additional features. The most popular feature is the EuroJackpot tip. A random number generator automatically fills in the fields for you. Especially for lottery players who are not superstitious, this is an effective way to fill in several fields at once.

The other option is a perpetual license

The numbers you enter are valid for the specified number of draws or until you cancel your subscription. If you also play the Eurojackpot lottery online, you can expect easy access to the gaming communities.

Eurojackpot ticket

When you play the Eurojackpot online, each ticket consists of 50 numbers and 10 Euro numbers. You have the choice of 5 numbers and 2 Euro numbers of your choice. Alternatively, you can fill in multiple fields for each bet or choose a permanent ticket.

Software, navigation and operation

User-friendliness was the main focus of my test. After all, this factor should ideally be the biggest advantage over placing bets at the kiosk. In practice, the test winners were able to convince me. This is due in particular to the clarity of the pages and the simple navigation. In contrast to gambling portals such as online casinos, the pages are kept very short.

Particularly positive: The cost overview is very transparent. I always felt well informed about the fees charged for lottery tickets. I also liked that I could view my gaming history and all transaction data in my user account.

With almost all providers, I was able to participate in multiple syndicates. These varied depending on the number of participants and betting strategy. However, user-friendliness also includes notifications about raffles and prizes. With the providers tested here, you have the choice between different notification options such as e-mail and free SMS.