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Cast Love Spells White Magic

Love spells white magic


We’ve been meaning to tell you about love spells white magic cast with the use of the moonlight for a long time. These rituals are considered to be some of the most ancient love spells having unique powers. Unfortunately, many of them have been transformed over time and are not as potent anymore. According to some magic experts, they’ve been distorted to the point that they can’t be helpful at all.

We were very excited to find a description of an authentic moonlight love spell on spellcaster Maxim’s website It’s not surprising though. The founder and the only author of the Spellcaster Maxim website, he is one of the most powerful spellcasters of all time who is famous for his particularly effective love spells. Today his spells are among the few which stay effective for a long time. He’s also one of the few spellcasters casting love spells for the LGBT community.

White love spellWe encourage you to visit this website and find a wide range of safe and powerful love spells and unique rituals. If you need urgent occult or esoteric help, spellcaster Maxim will offer you a white magic love spell meeting all your needs at an affordable price.

We’ve obtained spellcaster Maxim’s consent to tell you about this moonlight love spell and how to put it on someone you can’t imagine your life without.

But before we begin, let us remind you that white magic spells love must not be used on:

- Girls under 18;

- Boys under 18;

- People with spiritual disorders;

- People with physical disorders;

- People with psychiatric disorders;

- Married people or people who are in love with a third person;

- Pregnant women or nursing mothers;

- Public figures;

- People protected by professional magic.


Potent ancient love spell


Many of the love spells white magic should begin with a fast or a prayer. Fast for 11 days and pray verbally, in a whisper, or in your head. It will cleanse your mind, soul and body, improving your ability to absorb light energy.

On the 12th day put several candles into a cardboard box. Check the lunar calendar and make sure the moon has just entered its waxing phase. Take the box outside and put it on the grass under the moonlight.

In the morning bring the box back in and inspect it. If it has any water damage (from the rain or dew) or physical damage, if the candles are broken or missing, put whatever’s left into a trash bag and throw it out. This is Higher Powers’ way of telling you that home magic isn’t for you. There are many reasons why you can be prohibited from doing magic at home. These include:

- Bad karma;

- Lack of faith in your feelings for the target;

- Energy shell holes;

- Misperception of the target;

- Curses;

- Other reasons.

Let a trained spellcaster figure it out. He will screen your chakras and energy centers. When he realizes what prevents your happiness, he’ll remove and destroy it. Then he’ll cast a love spell meeting your needs and help you find true love. So, in this case you’ll have to cut your love spell short. But don’t worry. Your spell caster will take care of everything and get the job done faster and better than you.

If the box is intact, wait for the evening and light a candle, turn the candle upside down, and drip a generous amount of wax all over the bottom of the box. Put your photo on top of the wax while it’s warm. Then do the same to the internal and external walls of the box. Cover the whole box with wax. If you use a small box with a volume of 4-5 liters, three big candles should be enough.

According to spellcaster Maxim, you should finish this part of the ritual while the moon is still visible in the sky.


White magic spells love


To continue casting this love spell that is considered to be one of the best white magic spells love magic has to offer. Fill the box with water and take it outside. Stand up with your back to the front door and walk 23 steps. Turn towards the moon and try to catch the moonlight (the moon should be reflected by the water).

White magic spells floveCarefully walk home and try not to spill any water. Make sure the moon is reflected by the water at all times. Your goal is to “catch the moonlight” and to “bring it home”. Don’t disconnect from the energy of the moon. Put the box on the threshold (make sure the moon is still reflected by the water) and fill up a glass flask with this moonlight water. Bring the flask to your face and look at the moon through it. As you understand, the flask should be made of clear glass. With your eyes on the moon, close the flask with a cover tightly, press the flask to your chest, bend, and say:

“Thank you, Moon! You’re my sister! You’re my advisor! You know what loneliness is and how depressing it is to live among the stars. You can see them but they’re too far. You dream of them but you can’t reach them. Like you, I (your name) am looking at my beloved (the target’s name), I can see him, but I can’t call him mine. I can’t come up to him. I can’t hold him by the hand. I can’t ask him to follow me. But today you’ve agreed to help me by sharing your magical moonlight with me. I (your name) will mix it with the light of my love and I (your name) will put a spell on (the target’s name). We’ll love each other and be together like two moons… like two stars that have found each other.”

Now go inside, lock up all the doors and close all the shades. This is important to keep the moon energy inside.

The next day arrange a meeting with your beloved. You need to talk to him. It doesn’t matter what you’ll talk about. When your conversation is over and he turns his back to you about to leave, take out the flask, open it, and sprinkle some water behind him. By the evening he’ll realize he’s in love with you. The next morning he’ll wake up feeling love for you.

More love spells are available on spellcaster Maxim’s website. You can hire spellcaster Maxim to cast any spell for you, and remember that he never refuses to help people. He’s also known for his love spells of extraordinarily quality which are able to bring many years of happiness to life. Hurry up! It’s never too late to find love and be happy!