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Bonuses in slot machines: features, varieties and their benefits

The first online slot machines were an exact copy of the classic "one-armed bandits. Their functionality included only reels with different symbols. As for the modern slot machines, they have undergone major changes. In particular, the functionality has replenished with bonuses. Almost every new slot includes at least one bonus feature in the casino Jackpot Jill review Australia. Thanks to it manages not only to add to the attractiveness of the machine, but also increase the chances of getting a large cash winnings. It should be noted that the slots for money, as well as slot machines bonus for registration are in high demand among the gaming audience.

Variety bonuses

All the bonuses that are now found in slot machines from different developers can be divided into the following types:

  • Freespins or free spins. The most common type of bonus. Concludes in obtaining a player possible several times for free to spin the reels. Usually it is 20-30 spins. The initial bet is the bet that was made by the player before receiving the bonus. On the basis of all winning combinations the final winnings are added up. The obtained money can be used in his own way - to put them to the withdrawal or to continue betting;
  • Risk game. If freespins do not involve any risk, then the risk game is different. Play her slots usually offer immediately after winning. The risk game can be abandoned if you want to avoid additional risk. When you activate it, the player will need to choose one of two options for the outcome of the event. Usually selects a card. If its suit coincides with the suit of the card chosen by the dealer, the winnings are doubled. In the case of failure, it is burned with nothing left. If the card is selected correctly, you can try again to play the risk game, and so on to infinity;
  • Wheel of Fortune. Its outer diameter is marked with several values. Each of them is a certain amount of money. Around what value will stop the pointer at the end of the rotation of the wheel - the amount and will be gratuitously given to the gambler;
  • Choose and click. The meaning of this bonus is that the gambler must select certain items from those presented on the screen. If the choice is made correctly, the amount in the personal account grows. Otherwise, the player returns to the standard game mode.

There are slot machines on the website, which presents several bonuses at once. They usually do not have a progressive jackpot, but this does not make them less attractive and generous.

Advantages of slot slots with bonuses

Slot machines with a nice addition in the form of bonuses are popular among both beginners and professional players. Their demand is due to several advantages. The first among them is making a highlight of the gameplay. It becomes more exciting. The second advantage is to increase the chances of getting a large sum. For example, among the free freespins can fall out a couple or three winning combinations with big winnings.